Tips and Ideas for Struggling Readers

Some kids take to reading instruction with ease. Some learn without you even realizing they were doing it. Others struggle along and need a bit of help. I’ve run across some great resources and ideas for those kids lately and wanted to share them together in a post.
The first article I want to share is from This Reading Mama and has a list of 10 things struggling readers need. Each point is a link to another of her posts where she discusses those tips in more detail. She as great info.
The next article talks about things to consider when picking out books for struggling readers. It is also from This Reading Mama and she has 4 tips for you to keep in mind. The print/font, the pictures, the characters and the content. She goes into each of them with more detail and suggestions.

With those tips and ideas in mind, I have a few more links I want to share. These each have suggestions for types of books. For example, the first link as Wacky Books for Reluctant Readers. Sure we want kids to read good, quality books, but if they are struggling to read in the first place, we just need them to read! Fun, silly books are a great way to entice them to do just that. Fractured Fairy Tales are great too. Familiar, yet with a twist.

If you child is interested in other subjects, books focused on those subjects might pull them in. For example, here are 21 picture books about art. And here is another list with picture books that teach math concepts. If they are into mythology, these books on Celtic mythology and Irish legends might peak their interest.
If your girl is interested in princesses, but you would rather her avoid the Disney princess books (they can be kinda lame) this list might interest you. They are great books for boys too. :)

Of course, reading to your reluctant reader has a great impact. If you are needing some new ideas on what to read to your 4-7 year old, check out this list.  Here are some more suggestions for a bit older.  If you are looking for some ideas for reading to your 12+ year old, check out this great article.

I hope some find these links helpful and give you the confidence to relax and give your child the support they need to become a book lover. :)

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